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Creating Element Definition Documents (EDDs)
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STRUCTURED FRAMEMAKER 7.x, 8 & 9 (FrameMaker 6+SGML)
authoring structured documents
formatting for structured documents
importing / exporting structured data
working with xml
Who Should Attend: This course is suitable for anyone who needs to define the elements and attributes to be permitted in a FrameMaker structured document.

Pre-requisites: Attendance on the Authoring and Formatting courses, or work experience covering all the topics of these courses.

Course Description: This 2 day course teaches you how to build an Element Definition Document and link elements using formatting rules to a FrameMaker template. Students will also learn how to convert legacy data to a Structured FrameMaker file using a conversion table.

Course Content: What is an EDD? Understand what an Element Definition Document (EDD) is and where it sits in the development cycle.

Creating an EDD: Experiment with the different processes of generating an initial EDD.

Defining Container Elements: Creating container elements and writing general rules. Understanding the syntax of occurrence indicators, connectors and models. Assigning comments to element definitions. Setting the Element Type and defining an element as the Valid Highest Level.

Importing the EDD into a Template: Test the EDD as you create it by importing it into a template and testing the structure by creating a dummy document.

Defining Table Elements: Create table elements and understand the general rule restrictions for table and table part elements.

Inclusions and Exclusions: Defining elements as Inclusions and Exclusions.

Auto insertions: Set elements to be automatically inserted as child and nested child elements.

Object Formatting: On insertion of an element, set an initial table format and initial row pattern. Define initial object formats for cross reference, equation, graphic, marker and system variable elements.

Attributes: Create an Attribute list for elements. Understand the different types of attributes and set special attribute controls.

Text Format Rules: Specify the ElementPgfFormat Tag. Write all contexts rules and context rules specifically to name ancestors and siblings. Write a level rule and use context labels. Specify First/Last paragraph rules, set Prefix and Suffix rules to extract attribute values.

Book Building: Define an element for structuring books and elements for individual book components such as Table of Contents and Index. Generating a book file.

Conversion Tables: Structure unstructured legacy data by creating and applying a conversion table.

Export to HTML:
Use the HTML Reference Page to export a structured document to multiple HTML Pages, and include the HTML mapping set-up information in the EDD.

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