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Introduction to Microsoft Word Intermediate (1 day)
Word Basic
Word Advanced
Excel Basic
Excel Intermediate
Excel Advanced
PowerPoint Basic
PowerPoint Advanced
STRUCTURED FRAMEMAKER 7.x, 8 & 9 (FrameMaker 6+SGML)
Authoring Structured Documents
Formatting for Structured Documents
Creating EDDS
Importing / Exporting Structured Data
Working with XML
Who should attend: Existing users of the software who wish to expand their knowledge of the basic features.

Pre-requisites: The user must be familiar with the basic features of Microsoft Word. This knowledge can be gained either by attendance on an Introductory level course, or by work experience.

Course Objectives: This one day course will give the user the necessary skills to create a mail merge document based on information from an Excel spreadsheet and a Word table. Produce a newsletter style document with multiple columns and graphic images. Create a multi-page report with numbered paragraphs and section breaks with differing header/footers.

Course Content: Creating a Newsletter: Produce a multi-column, multi-page newsletter style document. Insert and manipulate graphic images within the file. Place a WordArt object in the newsletter.

Numbering Paragraphs: Apply multi-level numbering systems to paragraphs of text within a report. Include text as part of the number.

Footnotes: Insert, edit and delete footnotes within the document. Change the footnote number style.

Section Breaks: Insert section breaks to allow a mix of both portrait and landscape pages in the same file. Create headers and footers and apply a different header/footer to the first page of the document.

Mail Merge: Create a form letter. Create a small database in Excel and a data table in Word. Use Mail Merge to merge the data source file with the form letter. Set query options and merge to labels.

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