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Who Should Attend: This 1 day course is ideal for those who have little or no experience using Adobe Illustrator and who need to learn the basic skills that are necessary to begin using the program effectively

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with PC’s and the windows environment.

Course Description: At the end of the course the students will be able to familiar with the Illustrator working environment and be confident in creating and manipulating basic objects, lines and type.

Course Content: Getting Started: The basic Illustrator interface, the Illustrator Preference file, the Artboard and it’s components, Showing, hiding and rearranging palettes, Understanding the toolbox, Opening and Saving Illustrator files and Using Zoom

Selection Techniques: Select Objects, Select Part of an Object, Select Type, Use the Navigation Palette, Work in Preview and Outline mode, Create a Custom View

Creating Shapes: Create a New File, Save a File, Set Rulers, Grids and Guides, Set preferences for Grids and Guides, Create Rectangles, Ovals, Polygons, and Stars

Painting: Apply Colour to the Fill and Stroke of an Object, Working with the Colour Palette, Selecting Colour from preset Colour Swatches such as Pantone™ and Trumatch, Creating your own Custom Colour, Swatches and Adjust the Stroke Width

More Drawing Tools: Drawing Line and Arc Segments, Drawing Spirals, Using the Pencil Tool and Drawing with the Pen Tool

Working with Layers: Understand the importance of working with layers, Creating new Layers, Showing, Hiding and Locking Layers, Rearrange Layers, Move objects from one Layer to another, Delete layers and Setting Layer Options

Transforming Objects: Use the Transform Palette to change an Object by setting Scale, Shear and Rotate properties and Using the Transform again Command

Working with Type: Add Type to a Document, Create columns of Type, Change the Character size of Type, Set Paragraph Properties for Type, Wrap Type Around a Graphic and Set Type Along a Path

Output: Output your Artwork to Print and Output for Web

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