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Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint (1 day)
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STRUCTURED FRAMEMAKER 7.x, 8 & 9 (FrameMaker 6+SGML)
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Working with XML
Who should attend: Complete beginners and new users to the software. This course is useful for those responsible for creating new and editing existing presentations.

Pre-requisites: No previous experience necessary.

Course Objectives: This one day course covers the essential skills required to create and edit a presentation file. Work with text, charts and graphic objects, and put the slides together into an on-screen presentation.

Course Content
Getting Started: Open an existing presentation and discover quick ways to navigate around. Understand the different views. Zooming in and out.

Creating a New Blank Presentation: Insert bulleted slides. Changing the order of the slides. Saving your presentation file.

The Master Slide: Understand the role of the master slide. Change font information on the master slide. Set the default bullet symbol. Insert and position a logo and create a Title master.

Headers and Footers: Insert footer text, date and slide number on the slide. Set header and footer information on notes and handout pages.

Text Editing: Apply Bold and Italic formatting to selected text. Set paragraph alignment. Remove bullet points. Cut, Copy and Paste information. Run the Spelling checker.

Creating a Chart Slide: Create and edit a column chart. Edit the data source and update the chart. Insert a chart title and format both a data series and individual data point. Place a legend on the chart.

Background Information: Select a background colour for all the slides. Omit background graphics from the master slide on individual slides. Reapply a slide layout. Apply a different design template.

Outline View: Creating text slides in outline view. Promote and demote bulleted text. Split slides and rearrange the order of slides.

Notes Pages: Create notes pages for selected slides and set up the Notes Master slide.

Printing: Print the presentation, notes pages and handouts.

Simple Drawing Techniques: Include clipart onto a slide. Draw lines and text boxes. Using group and ungroup and aligning objects with each other. Change the fill and pen colour of objects.

Slide Sorter View: Rearrange, delete, and duplicate slides in this view. Insert slides from another presentation.

Setting up a Presentation: Set slide transitions with manual and automatic timings. Animate bullet points.

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