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Importing & Exporting SGML/XML (2 days)
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STRUCTURED FRAMEMAKER 7.x, 8 & 9 (FrameMaker 6+SGML)
Authoring Structured Documents
Formatting for Structured documents
Creating EDDS
Working with XML
Who Should Attend: Application developers who are responsible for setting up the process of moving documents between SGML/XML and FrameMaker.

Pre-requisites: Attendance on the Authoring, Formatting and EDD courses or equivalent working experience.

Course Description: This 2 day course covers importing SGML/XML documents into FrameMaker and exporting structured FrameMaker documents to SGML/XML. At the end of the course the delegates will be able to edit the FrameMaker Application file and create their own applications, and create and update an EDD from a DTD and vice versa.

Course Content: SGML Import/Export Preview: Import SGML/XML documents into FrameMaker. Export FrameMaker documents to SGML/XML. Build an EDD from a DTD, create a DTD from an EDD, select and define an SGML/XML application.

Read/Write Rules: Inspect the read/write rules in the DocBook Starter Kit. Learn the general syntax conventions for read/write rules. Create a new file of read/write rules and associate them with an SGML application. Check for syntax errors.

Elements and Attributes: Understand default processing of containers and their attributes. Modify the default mapping with read/write rules.

Object Elements - Graphics: Represent FrameMaker formatting properties with SGML/XML attributes. Use the default representation of graphics and equations in SGML/XML.

Tables: Discover the three approaches to representing tables in SGML/XML and prepare Read/write rules for all three methods.

Entities: Learn how FrameMaker processes parameter and general entity references. Store external text entities in text insets. Map SDATA entities to special characters, variables, reference elements, and text insets. Look at the entity formats file. Storing references to external data entities in markers.

Importing/Exporting: Look at the process of working with book files by Importing and Exporting books. Import and Export special characters in the ISO public character entity sets. Import SGML/XML fragments.

More Rules: Import and Export cross-references and marker elements. Check an SGML/XML document for errors without importing it. Import an erroneous SGML document.

Defining SGML/XML Applications: Learn how to use application files and which information can be specified in the application. Specify application defaults and discover how to deliver completed applications to your end users.

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