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STRUCTURED FRAMEMAKER 7.x, 8 & 9 (FrameMaker 6+SGML)
Authoring Structured Documents
Formatting for Structured documents
Creating EDDS
Importing / Exporting Structured Data
Working with XML
Who Should Attend: This 2 day course is designed for users who will be responsible for creating and maintaining templates.

Pre-requisites: The user must be confident in using the Character, Paragraph and Table designer to make and modify formats and be conversant with creating and applying Master pages.

Course Objectives: At the end of this course the user will be able to create template documents and build and maintain multi-chapter books together with Tables of Contents and Indexes.

Course Content: Working with Text Flows: Discover how to create and manage single, parallel and multi-flow documents. Disconnecting and reconnecting the flow.

Variables: Understand the role of the system and user variables. Insert and edit running header footer variables, create user variables.

Text Insets and Cross References: Working with imported text files. Insert and maintain cross-references within a document and to other documents. Create and modify cross-reference formats.

Conditional Text: Create a multi-version datasheet using conditional text tags.

Exporting to HTML and using Hypertext Markers: Insert hypertext markers into your FrameMaker file. Produce an HTML file from your FrameMaker source document.

Template Creation: Create a complete FrameMaker template from scratch including character and paragraph formats, master pages and variables.

Tables of Contents: Creating and updating a Table of Contents for a stand alone document. Creating a Table of Contents template.

Indexing: Learn the syntax for creating simple and complex Indexes. Generate an Index for a stand alone document. Create an Index Template.

Book Building: Create a Book file from scratch. Set-up document numbering and pagination properties across the book. Move files within the book. Insert a Table of Contents and Index file into the book. Update the book to ensure cross-reference are linked, and the table of contents and index file are displaying the correct text and page numbers.

Colour: Importing Colour into documents from commercial colour palettes and assigning to text, graphics and table objects.

Equations: Inserting and editing Equations into your document using the equation editor.

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