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Microsoft Excel Intermediate (1 day)
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Who Should Attend: This course is aimed at existing users of Excel who wish to build on their existing skills.

Pre-requisites: Attendance on Excel Introduction course or equivalent knowledge gained through working experience.

Course Objectives: At the end of this one day course, you will be able to work with tables, gather link information across worksheets and workbooks, create charts and record macros.

Course Content

Workbooks and Worksheets

  • Copying worksheets from one workbook to another, Grouping worksheets, Linking data between worksheets and workbooks, working with multiple windows.
  • Creating custom lists.
  • Protecting worksheets and workbooks.
  • Sharing workbooks.

Text and Date Functions

  • Creating calculations using Date functions.
  • Using Text functions, Left, Right, Concatenate, Trim, Upper, Proper and Lower.

Using Paste Special

  • Transposing data.
  • Pasting Values.

Working with Tables

  • Creating, editing and stylising a table.
  • Sorting and Filtering within a table.
  • Calculations within a table.
  • Removing duplicate data, adding a total row, converting a table back to a data range.


  • Creating different chart types.
  • Editing chart data.
  • Formatting charts and changing the chart type.
  • Creating Spark lines (2010 only).


  • Setting Data validation on selected cells to ensure consistent data entry.
  • Tracking changes.

Comments and Hyperlinks

  • Inserting and Deleting comments.
  • Inserting Hyperlinks.

Formatting with Themes and Styles

  • Applying themes. Editing themes.
  • Creating and applying Styles

Working with Objects

  • Drawing shapes
  • Inserting image files
  • Working with SmartArt


  • Recording and playing a macro.
  • Assigning a macro to the Quick Access Toolbar

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