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Managing Long Documents with Microsoft Word (1 day)
Word Intermediate
Word Advanced
Excel Basic
Excel Intermediate
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PowerPoint Basic
PowerPoint Advanced
STRUCTURED FRAMEMAKER 7.x, 8 & 9 (FrameMaker 6+SGML)
Authoring Structured Documents
Formatting for Structured Documents
Creating EDDS
Importing / Exporting Structured Data
Working with XML
Who should attend: This course is designed for people who work with long documents such as technical and procedural manuals.

Pre-requisites: Students must have existing experience in using Microsoft Word.

Course Objectives: This one day course covers the essential skills required to enable the user to work with the complexities of long documents. By the end of the course students will have the skills required to create and edit a multi-page document comprising text, tables and figures and use styles to ensure consistent formatting.

Planning a Long Document: Essential components to planning and designing long documents.

Working with Styles: Apply pre-defined styles to text to ensure consistency of formatting. Create and modify paragraph and character styles. Apply a template file.

Working with Figures and Tables: Insert numbered Figure and Table captions.

Page Setup: Working with landscape and portrait pages. Understanding section breaks, creating headers and footers.

Fields: Using field codes in headers and footers to create dictionary type headings.

Cross-references and bookmarks: Inserting cross-references to figures, tables and bookmarks.

Generated Files: Creating and updating a table of contents, List of Figures/List of Tables.

Optional: Creating an index.

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